Luke Cooper

Luke is a 2014 graduate from Harrisonville, MO. He is also a recent graduate from UMKC, where he spent one year helping the basketball team in 2014-2015. He then went on to focus primarily on skills training and helping individual players. 

In the last 4 years the business has grown from 5 kids to hundreds each year. Including 5 DiRenna finalist and multiple NBA players. 

Luke will be splitting his time between training NBA players in LA and attending academy sessions back in Kansas City. 

Robbie Jarrett

I am a 2012  graduate from Lee's Summit West High School. I went on to play at division 2 school in the MIAA before injuring my knee. After my freshman year, I went on to work with the UMKC basketball team before focusing on skill and development training the last 4 years alongside Luke Cooper all over Kansas City. I will be graduating this year and taking over Pure Sweat training in Kansas City full time. 


I have been blessed with the opportunity to train multiple All-State players, Direnna finalist, as well as a handful of Overseas and NBA players with Luke cooper. Luke and I have worked to develop the best skill development training for kids at their respected level of basketball by using the same techniques to help players grow in their basketball game and also grow as men and women off the court. Working with Luke Cooper over the past 4 year has helped me in countless ways to allow me to train players with the mindset and passion I will devote to Pure Sweat Kansas City. I look forward to the challenges and skill development training on all levels with Luke Cooper for years to come. Thank you.